Meet Professor Gabriel Silva

Legion Jiu Jitsu Head Professor



Gabriel "Bebezao" Silva

Where are you from?
I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

When did you start jiu jitsu?
I started Bjj in 2002 when I was in high school. I've never stopped training since that day. in 2008, I met Professor Chico Mendes who introduced me and gave me the best opportunity he could give me to train Under Ricardo Vieira, One of the Checkmat leaders, along side with his two brothers Leonardo Vieira and Leandro Vieira.

Why did you start doing jiu jitsu?
I started BJJ because of my lack of confidence. I was shy and too heavy for my age and a perfect pick for bullying. My friends from my class invited me to try Jiu Jitsu. That day, my life changed forever and I fell in love with the sport.

When did you get your black belt? Who gave it to you?
I got my black belt December 8, 2014 under Marcelo, who I worked with for a short time, but I am under Professor Ricardo Vieira, leader of Checkmat fight zone In Rio de Janeiro. He took care of me as family and I am proud to represent one the best teams in the world.

When did you move to the U.S.?
I moved to USA March 16, 2012 to follow the dream of teaching and living the BJJ lifestyle.

Why do you like to teach?
I love to teach because I know what BJJ can do to change people’s lives. the opportunity to have a new family, share the mats with all kinds of people, get to know a different culture, language, be the push a person needs to change their lifestyle, not only on the mats but in their personal life as well. Teaching kids is one of my passions. you don’t teach just a martial art but a way of life. You help build character so when they grow up they will be able to go confidently after what they want, either to be a champion on the mats or a champion in life.

List some of your accomplishments: 
My biggest accomplishment was to move to a different country with my family and overcome the language barrier.
My Tournament biggest accomplishments are:
3rd Place Brazilian National NoGi
American National NoGi Champion
2nd Place American National
20+ IBJJF tournaments


Meet Coach “Krazy” Kyle Lee

Striking and MMA Coach

kyle kick BW cropped.jpg

Meet Professor Sean Patton

Jiu Jitsu Professor & MMA Coach



Sean Patton

Where are you from?

I am originally from Lawrence, KS. But I spent 14 years in the US Army, so I have lived in NY, NC, GA, KY, and TN.

When did you start jiu jitsu?

I started training Jiu Jitsu in 2009 at Derby City MMA in Louisville, KY under Professor Nick “Chewy” Albin. I was stationed at Ft. Knox, KY for 7 months at an Army course, so I finally had time without deployments and training.

Why did you start doing jiu jitsu?

I wrestled from age 12-20. I was on the Kansas State National Freestyle Team and placed 5th & 2nd at the KS State Championship. I wrestled Div. 1 for the United States Military Academy at West Point for 2 years. After 4 years of not grappling, I missed competing. I need that push and drive, to test myself against another trained opponent. So when I had some time, I started Jiu Jitsu at Derby City MMA. I quickly feel in love with the art. Additionally, I started training boxing and Muay Thai as well. Later I trained and fought MMA, but after I was assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group, I did not have time to train for about 3 years. I started back training hard in 2014 and I haven’t stopped since.

Why Do you like to teach?

I believe Jiu Jitsu improves the live of everyone that commits to it. The struggle, adversity, complexity, team bonds, humility, the wins, the losses; it all makes you a better human. That’s why there is such a mutual respect among those that train BJJ. We all know how hard it is and how much must be sacrificed to pursue it. I love seeing the confidence it builds and seeing my students grow, not only as a martial artist, but more importantly as a person.

List some of your accomplishments:
My biggest accomplishments in life are graduating from West Point, earning my US Army Ranger Tab, US Army Special Forces Tab, and graduating from the Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course. Most importantly, leading my Soldiers through 28 months of combat and bringing everyone home safely.

My biggest individual Jiu Jitsu accomplishments include:

2019 IBJJ Masters World Championship – Champion (Brown)

2018 IBJJ Masters World Championship – 2nd Place (Purple)

Multiple IBJJ Open Championships

9-2 Professional Grappling Record


Meet Coach Logan Nash

Jiu Jitsu & MMA Coach

logan BW.jpg


Logan Nash

Where are you from?

I am born and raised in Hendersonville, TN!

When did you start doing jiujitsu? 

I started training jiu jitsu and all forms of Mixed Martial Arts in 2009 and have been completely obsessed with MMA and particularly Jiu Jitsu ever since. I have trained at several of the best gyms in the TN area and have been very privileged to learn from so many great minds. 

Why did you start doing jiu jitsu?

As a kid, I always enjoyed playing around and wrestling with friends, but growing up I was always the smallest kid and would get frustrated when I couldn’t hold my own. When I discovered jiu jitsu, I learned that size and strength could be overcome with technique and leverage. I immediately became obsessed when I took my first class.

Why do you like teaching? 

I love teaching Jiu Jitsu so much because I get to come to work every day with the opportunity to impact and change lives for the better. My goal as a martial arts instructor is to make my students strive to be better each day, on and off the mats. Teaching Jiu Jitsu is truly my greatest passion in life and it shows in each one of my classes, private lessons, and every competition. 

List some of your accomplishments?

As a competitor, I have won several local and regional competitions, have competed in Jiu Jitsu at Pro Invitationals, and am currently an active MMA fighter. As a coach, I have coached dozens of kids and adults to gold medals in Jiu Jitsu tournaments, at Pro Jiu Jitsu matches, and to win MMA Championship Belts. Through this all, I consider my greatest accomplishment to be the positive impact and impression I make on my students.